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Saged Smoke Trout Fish (170-220 gr)


Cold smoked trout with sage and dried fruit . Stylish artisan touch…. The unique trout of Bolu Abant Lake are blended with a special spice mixture and sea salt. Smoked with using traditional techniques with the   delicious sage an..

Aleta Gift Basket

Aleta Gift Basket


The ideal gift in a large wicker basket when it has to be something special - for somebody special.50gr. Smoked Salmon 150gr. Salmon Gravlax150gr. Dry Aged Salmon Jerky 200gr. Salmon Caviar110-140gr. Smoked & Marinated Wild Sardines170-..

Bottarga / Abudaraho (125- 160 gr)


Gray mullet fish eggs are prepared by waxing around by passing through our special brine processes and drying techniques.You can peel the wax around and consume it.Bottarga is a natural immune booster thanks to the vitamins it contains.Bottarga fish ..

Cold Smoked Sturgeon (100gr)

Aleta Smokehouse

Cold Smoked Sturgeon (100gr)


Cold Smoked Sturgeon ..

Smoked & marinated Wild Sardines  (110-140gr)

Smoked & marinated Wild Sardines (110-140gr)


Wild Sardine (Wild Sardine) marinated with herbs and smoked in extra virgin olive oilOur special refined flavor will be an indispensable appetizer for your tables.It is smoked and marinated.It is ready for consumption, do not cook.Expiration date is ..

Dry – Aged Salmon Jerky ( 150gr )


The Norwegian salmon , pickled and dried. Smoked very lightly using chips obtained from red tree species originating from Argentina Patagonia with their unique aromas and traditional techniques. You can consume our dry salmon product as a snack,..

Smoked Salmon Artisan Cut (1000-1200 gr)


Freshness and flavor! Norwegian smoked salmon tenderloin, without slices, produced by special order 2-3 business days in advance and shipped to the customer the next day after it is produced. (1000-1200 gr / 10-12 persons)For those who want the best,..

Flavored Smoked , Moldy Goat Cheese (165-185 gr )


Flavored Smoked and moldy goat cheese with a unique taste for those who like delicious intense flavors!We generated exclusively from pasteurized goat’s milk, in the shape of a pyramid, the pure structure, soft center and smoked goat cheese with an in..

Salmon Caviar (100 gr)


Additive-free Salmon Caviar is with you ...Vitamin B12 and Omega 3 store, immune booster.100% additive-free fresh salmon caviar is now available online ...Storage Conditions:Salmon Caviar is a natural product, fresh and does not contain any additives..

Hot Sage Smoked Trout Fish (170-190gr.)


Hot Swiss style and whole-skinned smoked trout.Rainbow trout is processed with a special spice mixture and sea salt.  Then it is  smoked hot with using traditional techniques.Trout contains high levels of vitamin A and omega 3 oil. Its prot..

Smoked Salmon Patagonica (100 gr. )


Nowegian salmon smoked using traditional techniques in sawdust obtained from the trees of its own special flavor originating from Patagonia. Imported Norwegian fresh salmon cured with sea salt and smoked with specific wood shavings imported from..

Smoked Salmon Patagonico (5x200gr.)


1 kg (5x 200 gr) promotional package for those who consume Smoked Salmon a lot.Nowegian salmon smoked using traditional techniques in sawdust obtained from the trees of its own special flavor originating from Patagonia. .Imported Norwegian fresh salm..

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