Tsar Loin & Caviar Gift Box


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Gift option with wooden box, inspired by the indispensable combination of our Tsar Lomito product and caviar.

Tenderloin (Tsar Loin), which is obtained from the back part of salmon imported from Norway and is the most valuable region, is pickled with Himalayan salt. The avocado pulp is marinated with aromatic herbs and then lightly smoked with the distinctive aroma trees imported from Argentina / Patagonia. With deep trimming, the tenderloin is revealed.

Smoked Salmon Lomito is ready for consumption, do not cook.

(Aleta Smoked Salmon Lomito with a silky texture is completely hand cut and artisan production.)

Storage Conditions:

Smoked Salmon Lomito Tsar is a natural product, fresh and does not contain any additives.

In our hygienic facilities, it is offered for sale in vacuum bags in accordance with the international food codex in a sterilized manner. The protective box is only used to protect the vacuum food against impacts, it does not have a food preservative feature. You can keep the unopened packages in the refrigerator at 0 + 4C for 18 days. We recommend that opened packages be consumed within 1-2 days.

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