Aleta Gift Basket


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The ideal gift in a large wicker basket when it has to be something special - for somebody special.

150gr. Smoked Salmon 

150gr. Salmon Gravlax

150gr. Dry Aged Salmon Jerky 

200gr. Salmon Caviar

110-140gr. Smoked & Marinated Wild Sardines

170-220gr. Sage Smoked Trout

170-190gr. Hot Smoked Trout

110-130gr. Dry Aged Smoked Mackarel

165-185gr. Smoked Goat Cheese

260-300gr Smoked Eel (Unagi) 

- Please note that contents of the gift boxes is subject to availability. You might replace out - of - stock items or you can change the items as per your wish in order to contact us. 

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