Smoked Salmon Artisan Cut (1000-1200 gr)



Freshness and flavor! Norwegian smoked salmon tenderloin, without slices, produced by special order 2-3 business days in advance and shipped to the customer the next day after it is produced. (1000-1200 gr / 10-12 persons)

For those who want the best, our advice is to experience our Smoked Salmon flavor.

Nowegian salmon smoked using traditional techniques in sawdust obtained from the trees of its own special flavor originating from Patagonia. Salmon loin is Completely hand sliced. 

Imported Norwegian fresh salmon cured with sea salt and smoked with specific wood shavings imported from Patagonia/Argentina.

Aleta Smoked Salmon is completely “fresh”, “natural” and contain “no additives”.

You can enjoy smoked salmon  in your salads and sandwiches with pleasure.

The salmon fish contains high omega3 oil. Salmon fish has a rich protein content; Phosphorus, potassium, sodium, B1, B2, niacin and some carotenes.

Storage Conditions : 

Our sanitary facilities offer sterilized sachets in vacuum bags.

You can store the unopened packages in the fridge at 0 + 4C for 23 days.

We recommend you to consume the opened packages within 2 days.

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