Flavored Smoked , Moldy Goat Cheese (165-185 gr )



Flavored Smoked and moldy goat cheese with a unique taste for those who like delicious intense flavors!

We generated exclusively from pasteurized goat’s milk, in the shape of a pyramid, the pure structure, soft center and smoked goat cheese with an intense mildew flavor. A cheese with a unique flavor and sought after cheese fans.

Storage Conditions:

Smoked Goat Cheese is fresh and does not contain any additives.

After receiving our cheese, the package should be opened and the product should be ventilated.

Then; It should be stored in a non-plastic container in an environment of +4 degrees, leaving the lid slightly ajar.

Under these conditions, the product will continue to mature as it waits and its flavor will increase by intensifying.

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