About Us

Aleta started in 2009 with the dream of bringing quality, natural and artisan flavors to both Turkey and the global food market; Today, it has proven itself in the gastronomy sector with its dynamism, entrepreneurial and innovative approach.

It produces and markets packaged non additive,  ready-made foods by applying high quality standards.

Aleta, which works mainly on seafood , vegetables and mainly red meat , today has a full processing capacity of 1 ton. However, it also provides Online Sales and boutique catering services.

Aleta's artisan flavors are mainly:

• Bottarga

• Fish Eggs – Caviar – Black Caviar

• Smoked Salmon – Smoked Salmon

• Gravlax

 Why Aleta ? 

Aleta does not use any colorant, flavoring or shelf-life additives in its products.

It creates healthy, unique artisan flavors with high quality standards with natural and fresh ingredients.

It always increases the quality expectation of its customers and never compromises on quality.

It always increases the quality expectation of its customers and never compromises on quality.

Aleta is artisan, natural and fresh good quality and delicious.


The principle of the emerging process of brine, drying and smoking, which appeared in the kitchens of many different cultures in the past and present; it is based on preserving nutrients fresh for a long time, and its origin stretches back hundreds of years.

During World War II, the German and Swiss colonies that migrated to Argentina Patagonia continued their family traditions, specializing in marinade and smoked deli foods over time.

These colonies combined and developed their knowledge with natural rustic methods learned from the Ancient Patagonia Indians Los Tehuelches and Los Mapuches, and began to funnel food first and then smoked in sawdust from trees with their own special aromas.

Aleta's primary goal is to produce healthy, un additive and sustainable foods while filling an important gap in the Turkish food sector with its series of delicious smoked and marinated consumption-ready refined foods for selective veers that care about quality.

Aleta, while exceeding the expectations of the exclusive food market, targets to be a strong and reputable brand worldwide that offers unique and different flavors to the consumer in the sustainability  of quality continuity.

Aleta Smokehouse offers different flavors to those who are fond of taste.

Smoked and marinated products prepared in the boutique factory carry the artisan culinary concept to your table with its unique taste.

The use of no additives that color, sweetener and extend shelf life in its products, the care that its materials are natural, its academic knowledge, experience and special prescription make Aleta products unique.

Aleta, which produces according to the order it receives from its customers, does not process frozen stock products.