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ARTISAN CUT (1000-1200gr Salmon Loin)



Experience the real Freshness! Norwegian smoked salmon loin, produced five days in advance by special order, and shipped to the customer the next day when it was produced. (1000-1200 gr / 10-12 people)

Artisan Cut (Bonfile) Salmon Smoked is completely fresh, natural and contains no additive.

Our hygienic facilities offer sterilized sachets in vacuum bags suitable for international food codex. You can store unopened packages in refrigerator 0 + 4C for 29 days. We recommend that the opened packages be consumed within 2 days.

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Beş iş günü önceden özel siparişle üretilen, dilimsiz, Norveç somon füme bonfilesi. (10-12 kişilik)

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Weight 1100-1220 g


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