Aleta has been founded, in 2009, to breathe a new life into your world of gastronomy with its dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative approach to both the Turkish and global food markets.

It is a company that can produce cured, marinated and smoked ready-to-eat packaged fine foods using high quality standards.

It has a processing capacity of 1 ton for predominantly sea food products, red meat and vegetables.  

Online sales and boutique catering services are also provided.


All Aleta products are smoked with unique “Patagonia” wood shavings.

Our products are completely “Natural”, “Fresh” and contain “No additives”.

We follow traditional “artisan” techniques at our Boutique Smokehouse.



In the past, for centuries, in many different cultures it has been known that curing, drying and smoking were the methods

for preserving foods.

During the period of the 2nd World war many Germans and Swiss colonies that  inmigrated to Patagonia continued their own 

food preservation traditions.  

With time they started to combine their Europian style with the Patagonian “Los Mapuches” and “Tehuelches” Indians methods of smoking fish, meats and vegetables.

Using the old Patagonian Indian’s natural rustic techniques, along with curing and smoking with Patagonian wood shavings,

they started to add this distinctive flavor to their preserved foods

giving its entirely naturally handcrafted products a  completely “unique” flavor. 

Aleta’s primary goal is to produce healthy, distinguished foods without additives while filling a significant gap in the Turkish food sector with a series of delicately smoked and marinated ready-to-eat refined foods for selective quality palates.

Aleta aims to be a strong and respected brand around the world, delivering unique different flavors to consumers in the pursuit of sustainable quality, while exceeding the expectations of the elite food market.